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Monday, November 7, 2011

2012---Some considerations

In the news the passing of an ASTEROID between the MOON's orbit and the EARTH's orbit has been mentioned to occur in 2012, very soon, and estimated NOT to hit either the earth or the moon and perhaps not causing any other disturbances but only time shall tell...scientists who attempt to study these things, especially the orbits of asteroids, comets,etc. think the liklihood of an asteroid hitting the earth may not happen for many, years....I shall supply the likely date another time. 2012 has been the subject of many articles and books on the MAYAN CALENDAR,which some consider 'prophetic' in nature and others brand as 'pure nonsense'...I will comment on this in future discussions on this but do not have time to do so now.. 2012 may be a year of serious sunspot and other solar 'outbursts' and radiations that could perhaps affect our entire electrical grid and magnetic fields and an historical precedent can be cited for this when the US and other TELEGRAPHIC SYSTEMS failed back in the days of the telegraph and I shall discuss this also later when I have more time, along with other things of significance..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


THE THEORY OF CELESTIAL HARMONY is the title of a book by RODNEY COLLIN, who was perhaps the very last student of P.D. OUSPENSKY and also the last person to see Ouspensky well as being a controversial writer.....I have read this book on and off for the several years I have had it and always find something new to excite and interest me, though I am fully aware that other students of Ouspensky, THE WORK, THE SYSTEM, THE IDEAS,etc.( all derived in most part from the TEACHINGS brought ot the West and formulated and practiced and taught by G.I. GURDJIEFF, the original teacher of Ouspensky about such things, although Ouspensky had done a lot of traveling and research,obviously, but his life was disrupted by THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, an event that had world-wide consequences and from which Ouspensky never recovered)....I am aware that those students do not accept or approve or agree with the writings and claims and discussions/conclusions of Collin for a wide variety of reasons..... but I choose to ignore them at this time and merely discuss those sections of his thought that have apparent validity and emphasis...... The introduction to the work is important to read as it gives a view and glimpse of what one can expect as will the table of contents.....though many may consider the work ponderous,presumptive, and profound...if not boring in sections..... Nevertheless,this book will give a fair assessment and evaluation of the ideas found in the major writings of Ouspensky that can be checked against them in a comparison and contrast of all of them...if time permits and sufficient interest is generated...Certainly reading this book is not for the lazy or the frivolous to undertake....and there are other equally ponderous and profound works that tend to confirm these things, though with their own peculiar and particular flavor but I shall not mention them here. The book's charts and diagrams,etc. might well be updated along with the tables that end with World War II basically and might include the many years afterwards to demonstrate the things that Collin points out...but this would be a great task to update such, one that many might be extremely reluctant to undertake. Be that as it may, the book by Rodney Collin is not just a book on time,space, the stars, the universe, and a lot of physics and mathematical information,etc. but an outline that can help in the development of the intellectual, emotional, and possible physical aspects of the human being.....that many neglect for other things and also help in becoming aware, possibly conscious,...awake and not asleep, though reading it may well bring on drowsiness.......I can't read the book for you....that is your task and your work....I can only discuss it in terms of what it means to me and what I perceive as its important points and ideas,etc. `

Monday, January 4, 2010


Whiel still in grade school I became interested in cosmic rays: one, from the various movie serials, such as Brick Bradford,Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers,etc. and from radio programs that mentioned them and also a few science fiction movies and stories. But one other source was THE WONDER BOOKS, a marvelous set of 'encyclopedias'(not really such) that dealt with all kinds of subjects and topics from Early Man, Dinosaurs,Evolution, Egypt and Ancient Civilizations, and Science and Invention. COSMIC RAYS were once part and parcel of most astronomical, physical,and science fiction discussions,etc. Now they have been relegated for some years to the dust bins of Cosmology but now are beginning to arouse interest as evidenced in several magazines being published on Astronomy, the Universe, etc. and appearing on the newsstands.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Recently re-reading Sigmund Freud's CIVILIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS, a book I had not read in many years and I wanted to get more familiar with Freud and his possible relationship to GURDJIEFF,that is, in terms of psychology,the mind, dreams, and the like, as well as the experiences of some of G's followers who were also psychologists and psychoanalysts, like Maurice Nicoll whose works I have not read for several years,though they sit on my shelves along with some others by him that are a bit more 'religious'. This quote I am taking out of Freud to give some importance and authority for a rational study of the stars beyond the Science of Astronomy and the arts of Science Fiction(the classical sources, like Verne,among others). On page 40 of the book I have, Freud says,"Man's observation of the GREAT ASTRONOMICAL REGULARITIES(I have enlarged the type here and other places for emphasis) not only furnished him with a model for introducing ORDER into his life,but gave him THE FIRST POINTS OF DEPARTURE." The hypothetical 'MAN' that Freud speaks of and of whom others also implicate in various ways in their 'studies' and works is that of ANCIENT, PRIMITIVE, perhaps,ape-like creature, MAN who, upon becoming ERECT(maybe like his penis when he was in heat) LOOKED UP TO THE STARS and the MOON at night, along with other marvelous things, like comets and meteors,etc. More to be said about all this.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This blog is about ASTROLOGY and will cover topics of the various ZODIAC ARRANGEMENTS as well as special forms, like CHINESE, WESTERN, HINDU, ETC. forms and systems where mentioned and needed. It will also deal with the 'inner' aspects of this 'ancient science' and with the 'outer aspects' of this science where such impinge on and influenced HUMAN BEHAVIOR or describe HUMAN TYPES,all of which are connected with CHARACTER and THE LAW OF ACCIDENT and also the LAW OF FATE(destiny, kismet,etc.). A number of ancient works will be discussed when and where possible, as well as some modern references that may prove useful to the student of 'esoteric' and 'occult' studies or perhaps some of the more practical implications such have for us, whether daily or periodically or from our natal beginnings. My personal interest in astrology stems from childhood, around that precarious age of 8,9,10, 11 or so and comes from a book I may still have somewhere that is packed up with my other books in storage in my shed at home. This book was small and was/is green,sort of leathe-type cover maybe, and pertains to birthdates and descriptions of signs or those born under signs, all of which tended to intrigue me. I think my cousin also had a similar book but am not sure. She is now 'passed away' dead of Alzheimer's disease that is now sweeping the populace in various areas, apparently. It may well be that reading my sign, which is Sagittarius, that the description became the impetus for my continued interest in such things, and other topics associated in the ordinary mind with 'fortune-telling' but perhaps not completely as I shall reveal at another time. This description is/was sort of perhaps a 'self-fulfilling' prophecy about me that I have carried with me in considering other descriptions of my particular sign. I am also, as far as I can ascertain, A FIRE RAT in the Chinese Horoscope, which makes me sort of 'on fire' and these two sort of dovetail into each other but,of course, there is seldom a 'perfect fit' among such things. I have met various persons with a similar interest in such things like astrology, fortune-telling,'gypsy' methods of divination and palmistry, and also those who can compose horoscopes and I will discuss my findings and 'associations' with them when time permits, without adding if possible other 'occult' excursions, experiments, or experiences that might be too lengthy or laborious to read and discuss. nian